Customer Testimonials


I've worked with Autumn for many years and when my growing business needed an overhaul, she navigated me through the process from the beginning.  She invested her time and expertise to truly understand my goals.  With patience and thoughtful probing, Autumn created a logo, website, and brand that clearly and effectively represent the heart of my business.  When I am faced with new obstacles that seem insurmountable, Autumn listens to my concerns and identifies the root of the problem, from there she works with me to build and implement the right solutions for my company, my customers, and my employees.

Now I have a concise message when facing the public, my competitors, or future partners.  She not only identifies the steps I need to take to reach my goals, but also advises on my strategic approach for each of those steps to ensure that I am successful in my journey."

Entrepreneur, Retail

and New Product Development


“Working with the Renewal Lab is like a breath of fresh air! They truly listen to me as a customer and ask questions to be sure they have a complete understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. Autumn was able to not only provide an excellent customer experience with an excellent product, she came to the table with suggestions about things I had not even considered. Her attention to detail and thorough understanding makes her an incredibly valuable business partner that I will use again and again!”

Pastor, Church


"Ever since our strategic planning session with Autumn at the Renewal Lab, our team has been more productive, more cohesive and functioning better than ever before. When I called in the Renewal Lab to help with the growing pains our firm was experiencing, our team felt overwhelmed lacking a clear vision for the firm. During the planning session facilitated by the Renewal Lab, Autumn was able to help us divide responsibilities to make our team even more efficient. She helped us clearly define who are customers are and how to target them, what our goals are and how to implement a strategy to meet them, and how to develop leadership skills to tackle complex issues collaboratively. I highly recommend Autumn and the Renewal Lab!”

Owner, Accounting Firm


"Autumn has helped me rethink my business strategy.  After working through a new marketing plan for me, she surveyed my clients to help me better understand their needs and their feelings about how I was meeting those needs (or not). Working with Autumn has been good for my clients and my business."

Owner, Software and IT Company


"Working with Autumn has been transformative for me, both professionally and personally. She saw my raw potential, and provided feedback, situational coaching, role play scenarios, and strategic tools to help develop my skills and abilities. As a result of working with Autumn, my leadership skills have dramatically improved, resulting in increased performance and consistency within my team of direct reports."

Director of Customer Service


"Autumn has been a huge asset to me and my company. She brings great experience to the table which is proven by the success we have had at our company. She brings new and innovative ways on how we can begin to grow our company which has been a tremendous asset. I have been blessed to be able to work with her and we look forward to continuing the great relationship we have built."

 President, Machine, Fabrication

and Engineering Shop


"As a director in a corporate environment, my words cannot do justice to how powerful the Z model has been. Early in my career, I found myself feeling frustrated that associates were not aligned with my recommendations. I could not understand why things that were so simple to me were so difficult for others. And then Autumn brought me through the Z model- what an eye opening experience!  The ability to understand the various ways that people process information was stunning!  Not only did she verbally explain how people view things differently, I was able to personally witness where individuals stood in their thought process- and many spent a bulk of time looking for facts, data and logic before they could proceed, while others connect the dots more easily. 

As a facilitator, Autumn was patient and so much fun- she explained the process in advance, but took time to pause for teachable moments. The Z model is something I will take with me throughout my career, and I think that couples would benefit from going through the process!"

Director, of Sales


"My son called me today and told me that he was glad that I finally hired someone who knew what they were doing when it came to my on-line and social media accounts. He told me that it was about time.  And that is what I would say about working with The ReNEWal Lab"

Owner, Retail