Why is Coaching Important

Only 17 percent of executives are confident that their organization has the right leadership to deliver on its strategic priorities. 

(Korn Ferry Global Study, October 2015)


Furthermore, with over 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily, 84% of organizations are reporting an expecting shortfall by 2020 with a skill gap of 58% of qualities required to effectively perform the job with replacement hires. (Brandon Hall's Future Leadership Development Survey 2015)


Focusing on employees and working together as a team is not only critical, it is necessary for employees to have a better understanding of themselves and the people they work with for better customer engagement. 

Benefits of Coaching

Enhance a specific skill

Position Development

Improve Team Dynamics

Executive or Career Coaching

Access to 360 Feedback & Assessment Tools

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Team Programs

Communicating Effectively

Tips on effective communication for leaders

  For Groups: Communication Straight Talk: 5 Tips for Communicating in today’s society

Laser Like Focus

  Stress, Procrastination, Eliminating Distractions

Decision Making Styles & Improving Team Decisions

  Styles of decision making and improving turnaround times of group decisions.

Crucial Conversations

 How to have the tough conversations with employees to create motivation and action 

Understanding & Respecting Differences /Conflict Handling

  Understanding that not everyone is like you and tips to communicate more effectively

 Conflict behaviors and techniques behind them 

Change Management

  5 Step ADKAR Model of Change Management

Executive Coaching

Oftentimes when I begin working with a client, I find that a leader and employee begins with Do and Action statements before realizing that there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to be your best self. 

The coaching process takes an individual through an assessment process, a clarification process, planning and then we land on what's next through action.  


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