Meet the Team



Autumn is the Owner and has over two decades of business experience from large profile organizations before she founded The ReNEWal Lab in 2017.  She has held many leadership roles and loves working with people and small business owners.  She also founded a not for profit organization called EMPower Me for high-school girls. 

She graduated from Lipscomb University, is certified in Change Management and Meyers Brigg (MBTI) and spends her free time traveling, refurbishing old furniture, and reading.



Jonathan is the video production editor and photographer and assists with design work.  He has had experience with photography and working with diverse industries and clients by filming nascar racing, real estate, wedding and branding commercials for companies. 

He spends his free time with his passion which is fast cars!  He has a Nission 350Z and is rebuilding a 1991 Toyota MR2.   He can be found in his spare time at car shows and catching up on the Family Guy. 

What you can expect



A background and experience in sales, account management,  customer service, operations and marketing are what you get when you work with The ReNEWal Lab.

We’ve delivered business solutions, websites, marketing plans, customer surveys and employee training programs for several industries.

The industries we have experience with are:  Technical Services, Manufacturing, Churches, Farmers, Machining, Financial Institutions, Insurance Services and many more. 

Quality Research

We exist to help Renew your business focus.  We begin by having a conversation about your needs, future plans and what is working and not working. Through a series of interviews and observations we research your industry and develop proactive solutions designed for you and your industry. 

After that, we work together to implement the recommended changes and develop the right tools to track key milestones and measured success. 

A business partner

Business coaches and partners are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we like to talk first.   We want to give all of our clients the time and guidance you deserve.  

We know that customer engagement and connection with a partner is key - we understand that so we don't charge to have an initial conversation to make sure we are the right fit. 

Whether you’re seeking a business strategy, enhancing a special skill set or tool, or want help with the right words to use in a marketing brochure, call us today. 

Together we’ll create and a plan. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you.